After mustering up the confidence for weeks, sweet and tenuous Hayley confronts local bartender Alexa about some interesting texts she found in her man’s phone. From one good sis to another Alexa offers Hayley some life advice.

Cast and Crew:

Darleen Rae as Alexa

Aubrey Lace Taylor as Hayley

Sierra Estelow as Bartender

Kevin Richards as Man at Bar

Bar patrons: Alissa Chung, Adrian Brown, Shanice Stephenson, Kim Mazile, Iyesha Barrie, Jesse Martin, Marty Parker, Jada Cintron, Rodney Brown, Shania Banton, Jonathan Rios, Soraya Pharel and Jenifer Suprena

Writer and Director: Shanel Charles

Executive Producer: Daniela Kelly

Director of Photography: Adrian Sinclair and Ahmed Elders

Sound: Al Allsop-Bey

Sound Design: Vinny Alfano

Editor: Shanel Charles

Color: Adrian Sinclair