Allyson has been dating the love of her life for a while now (months according to him – years according to her) During a romantic picnic date Allyson requests some clarity on their relationship. Despite her man breaking down the fragile status of their “relationship” Allyson trusts their bond is solid. However, her best friend Katie isn’t too convinced.

Cast and Crew:

Maria Alessi as Allyson

Justin Kirkland as Jamal

Danielle Alfredo as Katie

Writer and Director: Shanel Charles

Executive Producer: Daniela Kelly

Director of Photography: Safiyah Chiniere

Sound: Al Allsop-Bey

AD: Shania Banton

Make-Up Artist: Soraya Pharel

Assistant Make-Up: Irma Enriquez

Script Supervisor: Daniela Kelly

Production Assistant: Fabiola Michele

Sound Design: Vinny Alfano

Editor: Shanel Charles