After a long afternoon of brunching Yasmine runs into her college ex Dominic. The next day, the two catch up over shots at his place but an interesting card game causes the evening to quickly descend into an emotional roller coaster.

Cast and Crew:

Jocelyne Cordero as Yasmine

Yunior Reyes as Dominic

Ominayzha Alexander as Ari

Director: Shanel Charles

Executive Producer: Daniela Kelly

Writer: Mia Hicks

Director of Photography: Adrian Sinclair and Ahmed Elders

Sound: Al Allsop-Bey

Sound Design: Vinny Alfano

Editor: Shanel Charles

Intimacy Coordinator: Shania Banton

Production Assistant: Drew White

Music Supervisor: Julien McCall

Consulting Supervisors: Sean Charles, Farah Nesbeth, Al Allsop-Bey