Kim has been living her best single life for years but that all changes when she meets Jason. Things are going better than ever until a recent interaction at a friends get together leaves Kim shook causing her to consider telling Jason the truth about her past. Her closest friends offer their varying opinions on the situation over some hookah and wine.

Cast and Crew:

Sydney Thomas as Kim

Robert Barnes as Jason

Jadiah Murray-Robinson as 18 Year Old

Kojo Dadzie as Kenny

Darleen Rae as Alexa

Jada Cintron as Isabelle

Amber Janea as Christy

Erika Mays as Ciara

Writer and Director: Shanel Charles

Executive Producer: Daniela Kelly

Director of Photography: Safiyah Chiniere

Sound: Al Allsop-Bey

Associate Producer: Shanice Stephenson

Production Assistant: Fabiola Michele

Sound Design: Vinny Alfano

Editor: Shanel Charles

Special thanks: Irma, Sally & Kara