Story time! Popular Youtuber Bree opens up to viewers about her recent dating chronicles. She runs into the most common “types” of men including the brokey, the guy who can’t stop talking about his ex, the asshole, and prince charming. Her transparency leaves viewers wanting more but things aren’t always how they seem once the camera turns off.

Cast and Crew:

Tra’lynn Husbands as Bree

Steven Martinez as Matt

Shaquille Rodriguez as Kyle

Grant Athans as Pete

Davion Desir as the Waiter

Yhanni O’Neil as Ty

Lex Daemon as Marcus

Erika Mays as Ciara

Writer and Director: Shanel Charles

Executive Producer: Daniela Kelly

Director of Photography: Safiyah Chiniere

Sound: Al Allsop-Bey

Sound Design: Vinny Alfano

Editor: Shanel Charles

Special thanks: Gold Room BK